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Olaplex: Your one step solution to hair problems


I am sure no one in this world would not like shiny and healthy hair. The joy of running the fingers in the hair without having to worry about hair loss is one of the only therapies sometimes we all need.


You will agree that a good hair day makes everything perfect, you don't feel that angry at your boss for giving you extra work when you feel good from the inside, you don't hate your co-worker for burping around all the time, and most importantly you feel confident.


Being a hair care enthusiast, when I first heard about Olaplex, my expectations with it was not so great. However, its chemically proven formula and the new advancement in its manufacturing proved me wrong, and I couldn't be happier.


Experimenting with hair and creating new looks with different colors is the ultimate desire of every person as we don't want to live our entire life by either being black, blonde, or brown, right?


When Olaplex came into the market a few years ago, like other products, it claimed to help to restore our hair's health; however, we weren't hopeful as every product claims the same until our hair starts to look like a rough bush.


To my surprise, Olaplex is exceptional. It is one of the most prominent products widely used in all the salons and beauty insiders because guess what? It does help your hair to shine and stay healthy!


I am sure most of you spent your teen years switching from one color to another. Bleaching was a common practice, and leaving home without ironing the hair was as heinous as a crime. However, over the years, have you seen how your hair has become so abrasive? How you don't the volume of it? And why does it not look pretty even after styling?

Well, it's because they are damaged. Just like our body needs nutrients and the right amount of food, our skins need those retinols and AHA BHA's. Likewise, our hair needs its due nutrition as well. Olaplex is a chemically formulated product that helps your hair stay strong and healthy while at the same time, you can enjoy those funky colors and streaks in your hair. 

Olaplex is not just ideal for the bleaching problem. Instead, it is the most product for the damaged hair because of excessive exposure to heat, dust, and pollution.

If you are struggling with your hair and want those thick and shiny strands that make you feel more confident and attractive, Olaplex is the right choice!

I am sure just as much as you want to try this product; you are looking for a detailed guide that will explain anything and everything about the product.

Well, in that case, you are the right stop! This article is a comprehensive guide that will explain everything you need to know before getting yourself an Olaplex product.

Our article is not sponsored. Therefore, the details mentioned here are authentic and equally helpful.


What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a chemically formulated product that helps repair damaged and rough hair by restoring the hair's damaged bonds.

Most of the treatments you choose for your hair is damaging the strength and bonding of your hair. Every time you go to a salon and ask about the damage, they say no!

However, the reality is contrary to it! 

Our hair is the most sensitive aspect of our body, and making them go through such a lengthy and chemically dozed process inhales the life out of them. 

Bleach is your hair's worst possible enemy. The dosage of chemical it transfers to hair creates an immeasurable loss to hair that can't be resolved in a fraction of time. If you have colored your hair even from the best product, yet you will experience adverse after-effects of it on your hair because our hair can't bear those chemically filled tubes that cut them off and makes them weak so that the new color can create its space while eliminating your existing hair color. 

Other than that, styling our hair has become a norm; most of us style every day. Be it curling, straitening, or maybe a blow-dry, most of us don't step out of the house without it. As much as we love our hair looking flawless, we under-estimate the effect of heat on our hair. 

Continuous exposure to heat makes them a week and breaks the present bond between the hair resulting in hair loss, roughness, and dryness.

The bonds present in our hair are called "disulfide bonds" that help your hair remain structured, healthy, and volumized. If you experiment with your hair a lot and even style a lot, then the bonds get broken, resulting in major damage to your hair. 

Olaplex helps you restore the health of your hair by repairing it from the inside while using nothing but a single patented ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.

So, if you were so far relying on the DIY's for your hair while completely ignoring the fact that it needs scientific help, then it's still not too late!

Learn about the types of Olaplex and which is suitable for you since your hair does not need the remaining yogurt that you did not want to eat; it eats proper care, attention, and right solutions!



What are the stages of Olaplex?

Olaplex is a multi-step hair care solution that restores your hair's health by rebuilding the broken disulfide bonds within it. 

Since every hair is different and their problems are subjective, Olaplex has eight stages, which help people gain the strength of their hair back while not having to trade their lungs and kidneys.

Most of the production stages or you can be done at home, which means you are save from the unsolicited advice that your hair expert pass while catering to you. (that's a win for life!)

Here's everything you need to know about the stages of Olaplex and how you can use it accordingly at your home except the step 1 and 2, that need professional supervision. Still, I am sure you can bear those bits of advice for a day in exchange for healthy hair, right?


Stage 1

Bond Multiplier

This step is advised by the manufacturers to be used under professional supervision since it requires extra care. 

 The hair professional mixes the product with their hair color while applying you to ensure the damage caused by the bleach and color is minimized. 

Even the experts like Brad Mando doesn't encourage people to dye their hair at home, so I believe you shouldn't risk something as precious as your hair just because you are bored or broken.

Go to a professional, seek their help, discuss and then get this formula applied to your hair since it is mixed in the hair color formula and then applied to your hair with foils. 

Please, don't experiment with coloring your hair at home because the results achieved usually are horrible!


Stage 2  

Bond Perfector

The Olaplex step 2 is called "Bond Perfector." It is also advised to use under the supervision of experts since it requires extra care and attention. Bond perfector is supposed to be on your hair after applying the bleach, usually at the backwash. 

The solution is supposed to be in the hair for good 20 minutes since it helps the hair restore its strength and maintain its healthiness while such chemicals are on them.

As much as we will love to see you in funky hair, we suggest you keep your hair away from chemicals as away as possible since it might show its effect immediately, but in the later time, you will see some side effects.

Another solution to it is to use bleach-free colors so that you can get your desired color while protecting your hair at the same time.


Stage 0

Intensive Bond Building Treatment

The best part about Olaplex is the facility to be used at home. Most of the time, we don't want to get into the hassle of finding the right salon, getting ready to go for it, and then, of course, long hours of waiting.

Most hair care treatments are supposed to be booked before the actual day, which means you have to travel back and forth two times to get healthy hair.

Most of the treatments are not reliable as they don't address the underlying issues of the hair. Instead, they just cover your head up with some "great" masks that leave your hair as soon as you reach home.

Olaplex step 0 solution, Intensive Bond Building Treatment, is primarily made for the people to use it at their homes. 

The product helps your hair to intensify the absorption of step 3. It contains a high level of Olaplex's patented component that ensures to bring your hair's best health.

The step (3) solution of Olaplex helps your hair recover from the damage that the heat, pollution, and dust have caused. The expert's advice to use step (0) solution with (3) to get improved results in the minimum time.

Here's a precise explanation of this solution for you:

·       It is a hair repairing solution.

·       It helps your hair to absorb the treatments that have been done to nourish your hair.

·       It is supposed to be applied to dry hair for 10 minutes. For better results, apply the solution (3) and keep it for 10 minutes more.

·       The experts advise you to use it at least once a week; however, if your hair has given up already, then 3-4 times a week would work too.


Stage 4 

Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Every intensive hair care will go in vain if you don't start taking care of it daily. I am sure you must have heard the importance of good shampoos, but how many of us know what a good shampoo is?

Any product that helps your hair remain healthy and strong while cleaning the debris on your scalp is surely a good shampoo.

Most of the shampoo, upon use, makes your scalp either too dry or oily. In both cases, the hair has to struggle. The dry scalps yearn for dandruff whereas, the oily scalps can lead to uncomfortable itching since the sebum glands are producing extra oils.

However, there's nothing that Olaplex can't fix!

I know it sounds a little braggy, but we can't help it because it is truly worth it!

The bond maintains ace shampoo by Olaplex helps your hair hold the hydration it needed to prevent dryness. It hydrates, strengthens, and makes your hair shiny after every wash.

Olaplex has been chemically formulated and tested. Therefore, you will see visible hair after the first few washes.

Here's a precise explanation of this solution for you:

·       It is a shampoo that helps your hair remain hydrating and protected.

·       It nourishes your hair and helps them restore the damage.

·       Apply it to your hair, gently massage, and rinse it.

·       No longer sebum accumulation as this shampoo is ideal to use every day.


I am sure you must be wondering how we can wash our hair every day? Wasn't it the culprit for ruining our hair? 

You can use Olaplex every day because it does not have the high concentration of sulfate in it, which most of the shampoos possess—washing your hair every day with highly drenched products in harmful chemicals not just destroy your hair health. If you want fresh hair every day, without having to worry about the underlying side-effects, then Olaplex should be your best haircare partner!

Our best bet, you will try it and thank us later!


Step 5

The Bond Maintenance Conditioner  

Shampooing your hair without applying conditioner afterward on it is equals to watching Friends with Joey in it. Completely pointless!

Shampoos protect your hair and hydrate them, whereas the conditioner followed by the hair wash helps the moisture gets locked in that lovely hair.

We must say, conditioners are the most under-estimated products. Regardless of their potential to bring the best out of your hair, it is less talked about and even unlikely bought.

So, if you are among those people who think that using a conditioner won't make an effort, then GIRL STOP!

Conditioners are the game-changer in any hair care routine. It locks the moisture, keeps your hair fresh, healthy and makes you look sleeky!

And now, if you are wondering which conditioner I should pick? Then Olaplex is at your service!

Olaplex has one of the best conditioners that nourish your hair with care and protection.

Since the entire sorcery of the product encircles around bond making, there is no chance that you will see split ends, roughness, and unevenness in your hair.

If you wonder what exactly Olapelx has to offer in their conditioner, then here's a quick runway for you.

·       The conditioner hydrates, repair and strengthen the hair.

·       You may apply it to your hair for 3 minutes before you rinse it. Don't be shy and use a generous amount.

·       It is ideal for your daily use.


Now that you have Olaplex in your life, we are sure you won’t make your crush wait for a cute date till your hair-wash day arrives because everyday is a hair wash day with Olaplex!

Step 6

Olaplex smoother

I am sure no one like frizzy and dull hair. As much as we try to not style our hair every day, the frizziness of your hair forces you do it!

Of course, no one wants to leave the home looking homeless. Well, say no more! Because Olaplex has the solution for your frizzy hair as well.

The solution repairs, moistures and untangle your frizzy hair so that after every wash you look as ravishing as it would look with styling. Olaplex intense repairing system reduces the frizziness for up to 72 hours which means you won’t be worrying about those hair since Olaplex will be ensuring that they look as amazing as possible.

 Say bye to your frizzy hair and shine every day!


Step 7

Olaplex Bonding Oil

If I had to compare oil with something then it has to be avocados. As much as we dislike having it, it is healthy for our body. Oil nourishes the hair by providing it the nutrient it deserves. Most of the major brands, never emphasize on the importance of oil and the results of it are very visible in our hair.



Oil is the most important ingredient you can apply onto your hair. It strengthens, nourishes and make you hair look flawless after just one application.

However, most of us avoid oil just because of the greasy texture it gives to your hair. I mean we don’t want to look as if we were locked for the entire night in a cupboard. However, no you longer have to worry about those greasy residues because Olaplex has somehow managed to bring up a shampoo that gives shines, vibrance and life to hair without making it greasy.

Other than that, it helps your hair rebuild its broken bonds and over-come from the damage, that these hair treatments drenched chemicals has caused you. If you are interested to make you hair look shinier, brighter and stronger than Olaplex oil should be in your hair-care shelf at the earliest.

 Here’s what the Olaplex Oil all about

·       Helps your hair protect

·       Lock its shininess and protect your hair from the heat

·       Apply it on your dry hair and comb it through the hair

·       You can use it every day since it’s sticky and non-oily.


Now that you know every product of Olaplex in detail, let’s discuss the numerous benefits and why it is an ideal choice if you looking for products that provides the best quality in the most reasonable prices.


Why you should choose Olaplex?

1. It repair your hair from the damage

Every stylist, hair expert, and colorist vouch for Olaplex because of its optimum ability to repair your hair and the damage that has been caused by the chemical treatments.

Colorists say that sometimes we go too wild with our color. The client's desire to drastically change their look instigates us to use heavy chemicals on their hair that causes inevitable damage. However, Olaplex has helped the colorist and hair experts control the damage that this chemical brings to the client's hair. Before Olaplex, we had multiple products in the market. Still, none proved to be the right solution since those products' components could not fight against such chemicals and protect our hair. However, Olaplex changed the dynamics when it came up with the solution that was viable and equally effective.

Olaplex helps people experiment with their hair while ensuring that those beautiful hair are protected and healthy.

The solution is promising, and it helps the hair strengthen itself and shine even on your bad days!


2. Olaplex protect your hair from every damage

The damage control by Olaplex is not limited to bleaching. It is a one-stop solution to your every hair problem. From frizzy hair to weak hair, this product is a holy grail for people who recognize and appreciate their hair.

If you have been going heavy on styling your hair, then it's the must-have product on your shelf. The heat from styling can cause massive damage to your hair. As much as you love those loose curls, we suggest you love your hair as well because they are reasons you can get those curls, right?

If you have been crazy over some colors or have been styling your hair every day, then run to your nearest provider and get Olaplex for yourself since you are too late to fix something you love. 

Other than that, the growing pollution is the deadly enemy of your hair. The ever increasing hazardous gases in the air damage the hair, and there is no product except Olaplex that can repair the damage.

Precisely, it will help your hair fight anything damaging without having you do much.

Since Olapelx has a complete range of hair-care, you won't be worried about picking the wrong products since every product from their range is simply exceptional.


3. It stands tall in the market

Regardless of all other products that promise the same solution to your hair, Olaplex still is in the lead.

Its repairing solution helps your hair to over-come any issue that might be unhealthy for your hair.

Since the formula encircles around only one component, unlike other products, it doesn't have hundreds of chemicals in it, which doesn't add anything useful to your hair. 

So, if you are interested in bleach, style, and experiment with your hair without damaging it, then go for Olaplex because we bet you will love it!

4. Cruelty-free

Something about Olaplex is so great, and it's their cruelty-free production policy. Yes! This holy grail doesn't harm the animal or any other being during their process of production. Olaplex has aimed to protect the environment by contributing positively to their medium. 

Since most of the products available in the market are not cruelty-free, we all are at some point are responsible for contributing more to it since we eventually end up buying, seeing there is no other alternative. 

However, now that you have an option, we suggest you go for it and protect the environment. 

Olaplex is a worth-able brand, which means you are not just helping the environment by favoring yourself as well.

5. Celebrity approves

A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Jeffree Star has already vouched for Olaplex. You must be experimenting with your hair, but it's unlikely that you do it more than the Kylie Jenner.

The youngest billionaire showed her support for Olaplex when she attended its launch, which means that you are not wasting your money on something that's not worth it.

Drew Barrymore described the product as a "booster" for a hair-care sector. We must say, Olaplex is doing great at their marketing as well!


6. Colorists first choice 

Most of the top colorists are loyal users of Olaplex because of its repairing therapy and the nourishment it provides to the hair. 

They say that the solution has helped them resolve the clients' most common problems, damaged hair after bleaching.

Since hair dying is challenging without bleaching, most stylists used to bear hair loss at the cost of coloring them. However, this new leap of advancement from Olaplex has ensured to protect the hair while at the same time, the client can go blonde, blue, pink, or maybe a unicorn.

Just as everything has two perspectives, some of the stylists have few reservations about the product. The stylists argue that the products make the coloring process slow, which is a con since the dying process is already lengthy.

However, we don't see much of a problem here because we certainly can wait a little longer for the bleach to do its work if paired with Olaplex, while our hair is protected and equally healthy.


7. Best quality for the price

Let's face it! We all have been guilty at some point for spending hundreds of dollars on a product that did nothing but just made us believe that it did "everything."

After seeing an influencer massaging her hair with an oil, our impulsive shopping that she doesn't use herself except this video has already done enough damage to our hair.

Therefore, we suggest you stop this random shopping trip to get the hair products and go for Olaplex since it is the solution for all your hair problems.

I might sound that I am bragging about this product but guess what? I can't help it!

The product and its quality for merely a few dollars is everything you do in your life right now!

Just like we care for our skin, we should be careful with our hair because you will agree that even the most perfect outfit looks tacky if your hair is not cooperating.

And since we are in quarantine, online-shopping is an ideal option for buying it. However, please don't get into the trap of falsified websites that claims to sell original products because most of them don't.

You may check for Olapelx products if you live in Canada because we vouch for them!!!


8. Boost your confidence

I know we all have been insecure about our hair at some point. The rough hair and split end stop us from going all crazy with our hair.

The endure to style your hair every day even if you don't want to truly hurt self-esteem, since leaving the house with those rough bushes is not an option and going through the vain of styling every day is another hassle.

However, say no more! Olaplex helps you gain confidence and allows you to accept yourself the way your hair is by making sure they look flawless in their natural state.

So, if you are tired of styling your hair every day, then leap of faith in Olaplex and heal your hair with it.

We are sure you will feel more confident, empowered, and loved in your natural hair. So, don't wait further and get your Olaplex now!

9. Made for all hair type

The Olaplex has ensured to cater to people of all hair types. Most of the market products wipe out frizzy, curly, wavy hair when it comes to hair-care.

All we hear about is "shiny and straight silky hair." However, most people do not want straight hair. All we want is shiny, strong, and healthy hair regardless of hair type.

Olaplex has figured this issue for you. Since the product is made for all skin types, you can now flaunt those natural curls, waves, and sleek hair because all hair is beautiful!




Disadvantages of using Olaplex

After hours of research in finding issues, we were surprised to see no significant disadvantages. Yes! You heard it right!

The Olaplex hair-care range is ideal for your hair since it is chemically tested and only comprises a product, which means you don't have to worry about the ingredients, the price, and the results that matter.

However, there are few limitations you might experience while using Olaplex, but don't worry! We got a solution for you.


1. Sells out quickly

Olaplex sells like hot cake. The stacks of it get empty in no time. Since the product's quality is exceptional at this price, I am sure no one wants to miss it.

So, if you want to save yourself from the hassle of running through one shop to another in search of Olaplex, then either buy the products online or stock it up because we don't want to mess with that hair.

Other than that, if you are worried about the quality of the products, then you may check, as it is one of the elite websites that will take care of your all hair problem.


2. Too good to be true

Trust me! Olaplex is unlike your ex. It cares, loves, and ensure you look pretty.

However, I am sure you must be wondering how a product can be this good? Are they underlying disadvantages? What makes it so unique?

We understand your reservation with a relatively new product in the market and yet has become the talk of the town. Sometimes, it might appear spooky to you, but as I said, Olaplex is the best product because of it.

  • Sulfate-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • One patented ingredient product
  • Visible results
  • Repair nourishes and strengthens your hair.


Now tell me, will you still miss on this holy-grail after having to read these exceptional benefits. Well, I am sure you won't.

Do your research, take some time, learn more about the product and then decide for yourself!

How can you protect your hair?

Olaplex is no magic wand. There is nothing in this world that would work like magic. So, if you are irregular with your products, then the result might not meet your expectation.

However, if you are being true to yourself and trying everything as per instruction, the results will be promising.

Here are few ways that will help you protect your hair from damage

1. Don't over-style everyday

I know you love those curls and sleeky hair but styling every day with a curling rod or straightener brings un-repairable damage to your hair since the heat produced from it breaks the bonds within your hair and makes them look rough, bushy, and dry.

If you are a styling person than Olaplex N7 and N6 are the best products that will reduce your hair's frizziness. As much as we don't avoid styling, the rough hair stresses us to do it. However, say no more! 

Since Olaplex is a well-formulated solution, it helps prepare your hair from styling damage caused by styling. However, we still suggest you avoid over-styling your hair every day because, girl, that heat is injurious. 


2. Cover your head in outdoor areas

The outdoors is full of pollution and dirt. All thanks to global warming and heavy traffic!

If you are exposed to the outdoor frequently, we suggest you cover your head with a little scarf since the pollution and the dirt in the environment are damaging for your hair. 

Other than that, take good care of your hair by using N7 and N4 regularly. Oil your hair every day, and then rinse it off Olaplex sulfate-free shampoo followed by the conditioner.

3. Avoid heavy bleaching

Bleach is not suitable for your hair. No matter which company you are using, bleach damages the hair by ripping them off so that the new color can get saturate itself by eliminating your existing hair color.

I am sure you must have seen all these fun Tok-to people end up bleaching their hair themselves, and the finals results turn out to be horrible.

Well, it's because (a) they are using highly chemically drenched bleach (b) they are not seeking professional help.

We highly advise the readers to seek professional help with dying or bleaching their hair since they know their job. You can save a few dollars by doing it at your home but at what cost? Compromising your hair's health should never be an option since once it gets damaged, it's implausible they will be in the same health again. However, Olaplex is still going strong with its N3 solution, which helps your hair repair from the damage that has been caused by bleaching.

So, if the damage is already done, then don't worry! Go to Olaplex's certified hair experts and pamper yourself with a soothing and promising treatment. You may check their website and find out the Olaplex's approved stylist nearby you.

4. Seek professional help

Please, seek professional help for treatment such as hair Dying, Bleaching, Keratin, etc. I know you are a strong independent woman who needs no one to help you but a girl! Please, seek help when it comes to your hair unless you are an expert yourself.

Hair is the most sensitive feature of your body. They are fragile, under-loved, and overly burdened. We may skip makeup every day, but we won't ever forget heating those two strands that keep coming in our way to look good. 

Hair is so flexible that one day they can make you look like a top model when you put them up in a tight, sleek bun whereas, the other day, you may look homeless with that uncombed hair.

However, when it comes to getting some serious procedure done, we suggest you seek professional help since they advise you to get the best treatment possible, ensuring your hair is less damaged and cared for well.

5. Avoid products that are harmful to your hair

Most of the products we use are nothing but a sulfate ball ready to weaken our hair and produce dandruff that will make us scratch our head till we get skin in our nails. 

The problem with the wrong products is that they look very right and promising. They will make you believe that every component used in its formation is worth it; however, the reality is sometimes adjacent to it. 

Most of the components are filled with Sulphur, Aldehydes, and Parabens that are harmful to your hair. 

We suggest you for products free of harmful chemicals since it is the only way you can protect your hair from damage.

6. Don't trust everything you see on the internet 

Our life encircles around the internet. Either we are looking to buy a Mercedes or a paper clip, the first platform to seek advice is usually the internet. However, how many of us know that everything we see on the internet is not valid.

The influencers who you see on the internet are just portraying a mere moment from their life. The products you see them vouching for may not be the best. Some of them might have their underlying effect. 

So, don't believe everything you see on the internet and work on your research.

What stylist has to say about Olaplex?

1.Brad Mando 

Celebrity Stylist and Youtuber

Brad Mando is the hair-guru in the beauty industry. His years of experience, practice, and learning makes him credible enough for a review.

He experimented on his YouTube, where he examined the difference in hair using Olaplex and without. He took two extensions and bleached it thrice—one with Olaplex and the other without it. The one without Olaplex had more shed whereas, the Olaplex hair shed less.

Other than that, the hair without Olaplex was lighter, whereas, with Olapelx, the color was a little less light. 

Brad Mando accepted that the hair looks smoother and soft; however, he concluded that the damage from the bleach could never be wholly addressed with any product, which we agree to some extent as well. Therefore, we advise you to don't over-bleach since the damage is unrepairable even with a solution that worth hundreds of dollars.

 2.Elle Bangs 

Professional hair colorist, stylist, and Youtuber

I am sure you must have heard about Elle Bangs and her spot-on review of the products. To your expectation, Elle Bangs approves Olaplex as well. She says that the product is fantastic for people looking to color their hair and ensuring the damage done is less. 

 Elle Bangs shared the sorcery behind the formulation of Olaplex and said that it has to be the best product if you are interested in experimenting with your hair. 

She made a dedicated video on her YouTube channel, explaining the benefits and possible reasons for using Olaplex.

Other than that, hundreds of people are raving about the product and have to share their valuable opinion on Olapelx. 

So far, we haven't seen someone disliking the product; the least some people had to say about Olaplex was that it doesn't make a difference, whereas most were drooling over it for all right reasons.



Q. Will Olaplex make my hair straight?

Ans. Unlike Keratin, Olaplex is not a hair-straitening treatment. It is precisely a range of products that help your hair restore their health that has been damaged by styling, bleaching, coloring, pollution, and chemical procedures. Keratin can be used to straighten your hair whereas, Olapelx aims to make people feel confident in their natural hair; therefore, we help you make your natural hair healthy.

Q. How long does it takes to see the results?

Ans. As I said earlier, Olaplex is not a magic wand. If you expect your hair to look like Rapunzel's in one day, you may hurt yourself. Just as you give time to your skincare products, provide time to Olaplex as well. No products will provide you with results in split seconds. Therefore, patience is a virtue when it comes to hair-care.

Q. How can I diagnose my hair's health?

Ans. Diagnosing hair can be a challenge for people since there are very few credible websites that will help them. However, Olaplex has their dedicated page on the website where you can log in and diagnose your hair.  

You can check the website and learn about your health.

Q. Who does I know I am going for an expert?

Finding credible people for the job can be challenging. However, you may check Olaplex's official website and find the best stylish and expert near you.

Q. Who are the official sellers of the product?

Most of the Olaplex products are available online. You can always check the official provider's list from their website. Or if you live in Canada, then we suggest you to for, since the products on it are 100% original and you can get them at the best prices.

How may we help you?

We aimed to provide you with all the possible details associated with Olaplex. Since the information over the internet can be overwhelming. We sorted and neatly organized it for you in a detailed article.

Most of the links are already available in it so that you may check without having to scroll down pages. If there's any information left and you want us to share it with you, let us know, and we will be there to help you at the earliest.


Final words

Hair is the most precious aspect of your body. You accept it or not, but it has gone through a lot to make sure you are happy and content. However, most of the time, we often overlook hair health, so we end up having hair fall, dryness, and other problems.

Be consistent with your hair care routine, invest your time in learning, and always seek professional help when needed. Few products will Olaplex will make things better and you will thanks us later!


What exactly does OLAPLEX do?

Helps with color rebuilding of the hair cuticle

Is Olaplex good for every day Use?

Olaplex is definetly safe to used every day especiall the line of products such as the shampoo, conditioner, oil, leave in treatment, you can include it in your daily hair routine as you would with other hair product, ther No. 1 and 2 would only be needed while coloring or lightening your hair that is its intended use.