Smootlyss Lavender Essential Oil 15ml - Made In Canada

Smootlyss Lavender Essential Oil 15ml - Made In Canada

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Lavender Essential Oil 15ml - Made In Canada

Lavender is widely used in aromatherapy and in the perfumery industry. The scent has a calming effect, which aids in relaxation and the reduction of stress and anxiety. It also has antiseptic and analgesic properties, which will ease the pain of burn, prevent infection, and promotes rapid healing. It can be used with massage oils to effectively relieve joint and muscle pain.

(Lavendula Officinalis)
Country of Origin: China
Colour: Clear with a tinge of Yellow
Consistency: Thin
Initial Aroma: Medium
Scent: Fresh, floral, light, powdery and sweet.
Uses: A very versatile Oil. It offers a multitude of benefits and uses. It is used in skin and hair care, medicine and many household solutions. Lavender Essential oil not only energize and relaxes, it also creates balance. The scent of Lavender will rejuvenate and inspire a tired person, and relax, soothe and slow down someone who is stressed or tense.
Blends well with almost all Essential Oils but especially the citrus and Florals.

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