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Allpresan PRO Footcare Foot Deodorant 100 ml 3.38 oz, 55140

Allpresan PRO Footcare Foot Deodorant 100 ml 3.38 oz, 55140

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Allpresan Pro Footcare Foot Deodorant for Sweaty Feet. 100 ml 3.38 oz 140

Help eliminate a condition that is causing an unpleasant odour such as fungus or excessive sweating, experience hot feet, want to make sure their feet smell fresh all day.

Product Features

- Tea tree oil - effectively targets bacteria which cause foot odour Menthol – restores freshness after a few seconds Can be also sprayed on stockings and in shoes
- Eliminates unpleasant and annoying foot odours
- Effectively targets bacteria that cause foot odour
- Restores freshness and a pleasant scent after only a few seconds

Technology Features

Allpresan PRO Footcare is the only Foot Care company that combines the innovative, patented LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology and the proven BarriorExpert® Foam Cream Technology.

BarriorExpert® Foam Cream Technology

The patented, breathable BarrioExpert® Technology creates a fine, protective mesh on the skin after application, which protects the skin against external factors and strengthens the skin barrier. The balanced hydrolipid system in the Foam Cream provides ideal care for the skin without harming its natural functions. A special benefit: Two unique Technologies being combined in one product line – BarrioExpert® Technology and the LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology

Technology Advantage

The effectiveness of skincare products is greater depending on the similarity of the product components to the natural components of the skin. The basis of the LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology is an imitation of the skin’s own lipids. The lipids used in the LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology behave like the skin’s own lipids, i.e. they position themselves in the typical double layers, just like the natural lipids.

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