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Amber Massage Oil 8 oz / 237ml - Green Tea Mint

Amber Massage Oil 8 oz / 237ml - Green Tea Mint

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Amber Massage Oil Green Tea Mint 8 oz. - 237ml #75426

Re-energize with the uplifting scent of Green Tea Mint! A blend of Garden Mint infused with Green Tea Extracts provides a natural and stimulating aroma to increase mental alertness while providing powerful anti-oxidants. Invigorating aroma has natural anti-bacterial qualities!

The purity of Amber Massage Oil is evident by sight, but is confirmed by its feel. Superior glide and absorption will leave your clients feeling hydrated, not greasy. While the formulation is most suitable for light massage, it's absorption rate allows for localized deep muscle manipulation.

Sunflower, Soybean and Sweet Almond Oil.

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