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Aora Chrome, Metal, Shine - Top Gel 0.47 oz/14ml

Aora Chrome, Metal, Shine - Top Gel 0.47 oz/14ml

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Aora Chrome/Metal/Shine Top Gel - 0.47oz/14ml #80351

A-ORA, a forward-thinking product from Japan, will revolutionize the nail industry. This product delivers a chrome-effects finish you have been looking for, with a touch of aurora light. A-ORA delivers on a WOW finish with ease of use and it works on any existing nail products in your salon. There is no extensive training required to use this product, all the while generating more income for your salon.


- Inspired by Japan
- Smallest particle sizes
- Latest polymers-technology
- Liquid polymers - not glitter flakes
- Unique chrome/aurora finish


- Highest standard level of quality
- Easy and fast achievement of results
- Trending - generate more income
- Change colours at every 45-degree angle
- No harm to your health

The A-ora Kit comes with 6 chrome aurora finishes. That is extra income at your finger tips! 1 little pot can offer 40~50 nail sets, while all 6 pots offer 240~300 nail sets. It is suggested to add $10 per set, which equals $2400 ~ $3000... extra income at little time as 5 minutes extra per set!

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