Aora Gel Electro Phoresis

Aora Gel Electro Phoresis

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Aora Gel Electro Phoresis (GEP) #6, 14ml/0.5oz - 80450

We proudly introduce 3D Gel ElectroPhoresis (GEP), the bi-product of combining our world famous A-Ora Liquid Polymers Multi Colour Chameleon with Super Shifters through the latest in Nano technology.
Clients will enjoy the effects of Multi Colour Movement every time they turn their fingers in different angles and can the reflections in 3D fashion.
With the latest technology, 3D GEP can apply over your existing products such as Gel, Acrylic or Dip Powder or it can be used by itself.
Our full line offers 6 beautiful colours, each containing 14ml in products.

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