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Avanti Charcoal And Ceramic Brush Lagre CH44LC / 00868

Avanti Charcoal And Ceramic Brush Lagre CH44LC / 00868

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Charcoal coated barrel Features

- Conducts static electricity, making it genuinely anti-static.
- Produces Far Infrared Rays which help promote circulation and stimulate the scalp for shiny, healthy hair
- Is a porous material which helps absorb excess moisture for faster drying

Brush Features

- Ceramic barrel emits negative ions and helps to eliminate frizz
- Firm ionic nylon bristles provide good tension to control even the thickest, unruly hair
- Boar bristles polish and condition hair, and are gentle to hair and scalp
- Vented barrel retains and circulates for more efficient styling
- Ridged rubber handle offers control without slippage
- Lightweight, ergonomic and well balanced
- 25 mm barrel

Available In 4 Sizes

- SMALL ( CH25SC )
- LARGE ( CH44LC )

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