BaBylissPRO Hair Ties 5pcs - BESHAEL1UCC/39153

BaBylissPRO Hair Ties 5pcs - BESHAEL1UCC/39153

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BaBylissPRO Back and Silver Hair Ties Mix (5 PCS)

BaBylissPRO hair ties are perfect ponytail holders, they are knotted ribbon, no-tug, and ouchless hair elastics accessories. These luxurious hair ties are made from no crease ribbon - a soft and stretchy material that has been hand-dyed and knotted. With the dark sliver traceless hair ring, say goodbye to headaches and split ends.

Product Features

- Practical yet trendy mixed elastics set with a stronghold in hair, including:
- 1 large narrow traceless hair ring
- 2 no-metal round elastics
- 2 hair ties

- Offered in 2 neutral color combinations
- Black
- silver tones

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