Berkeley 20" Armrest - Straight White - TB910S-WH

Berkeley 20" Armrest - Straight White - TB910S-WH

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Berkeley 20" Armrest - Straight White - TB910S-WH

Introducing a 20 inch straight shaped arm rest cushion created and designed by Berkeley. This low profile armrest is made of soft, fine grain leather with quality upholstering which helps this arm rest withstand constant usage and prevents tearing of the fabric. With 20" in length, this armrest is the perfect choice for any nail technician who prefers to have a short table armrest. This arm rest also features a straight-shape design for any technicians who prefer the feel of their hands and arms resting on a cushion with curviture. These arm rests are designed for use with manicure working stations and tables. Available in Dark Burgundy, Black or White.


20” L x 3.5” W x 1.4” D


- High quality upholstery manufactured by Berkeley
- Straight cushion design for technicians who prefer it
- Recommended use with a manicure working table or station
- Available in dark burgundy, black and white

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