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Berkeley Gradient Shading & Dotting Sponge Pen AB560

Berkeley Gradient Shading & Dotting Sponge Pen AB560

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Pink nail brush sponge nail brush picking dotting gradient pen brush ombre nail art tools with 4 replacement heads. This quality nail sponge pen suit for nail blooming stippling, double gradient, blooming, stippling, printing, etc.
Work well with your nail, good companion when making your nail art; Less waste because of using this sponge pen, easy to wash after use.


- Color: pink
- Material: aluminum joint, acrylic handle, sponge head
- Length: approx. 15.5 cm
- Diameter: approx. 1.3 cm
- Package: 1 pen with total 6 sponge heads

Package contents

- 1 x Sponge nail pen
- 6 x Replacement heads (3 round and 3 pointed)

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