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BioTEXT Euro Wipes Refill 100 Sheets

BioTEXT Euro Wipes Refill 100 Sheets

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Wipe technique with BioTEXT uses 50% less product than Spray -Wipe -Spray methods. Multi Purpose BioTEXT can be used on uniforms, glass, tubing, carpets, walls & floors. Thoroughly tested on vinyl surfaces. Non-Corrosive Non-Staining Will not corrode metals, stain vinyl or stick as do water-based Chlorine, Chlorhexidine or Iodine products. Safer Contains NO phenols or aldehydes. Does not contain recently noted hormone disrupting surfactants based on nonyl-phenyl ethoxylates. Staff Friendly Protects staff from aerosols generated by spraying toxic phenols and aldehydes. Gloves and Mask are not necessary as it is kind to skin.

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