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BONFI NATURAL Oil Free Wig Shine

BONFI NATURAL Oil Free Wig Shine

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Oil Free Wig Shine


- Oil-Free Wig Shine, Sexy, Sparkling! Shimmering, Shine!
- Oil-Free Wig Shine contains a unique special light complex of ingredients that was formulated and designed to impart the highest shine possible, on Human & Synthetic Hair Wigs.
- It penetrates quickly so that the hair retains freedom of movement without a have greasy feel.
- It also decreases inner finer friction to ease combing and minimize breakage during dry stages.
- UV Protector & Vitamin E For Dull/Dry human & Synthetic Hair


- Hold bottle 6-8 inches from your head and spray onto hair evenly.
- Scrunch hair with fingers or brush and style.
- This formula is light enough to use daily or often as needed to refresh.

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