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Ceramic Bit-White 3/32" Large Barrel - H3X

Ceramic Bit-White 3/32" Large Barrel - H3X

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Ceramic Nail Drill Bits Advantages:

- Higher Hardness: higher hardness than metal for increased lifespan.
- Easy To Clean and Disinfect: wash with clean water directly, then simply disinfect through medicinal alcohol.
- Great Antibacterial Feature: inorganic antibacterial agent added during the production process, persistently inhibit and kill bacteria and other microorganisms.
- The resistance of Acid, Alkali: ceramic is constituted by silicate, which is more stable chemical properties to resist acid, alkali and other caustic material.
- Best Universality: 2.35mm (3/32 inch) shank diameter fit for most electric manicure machine on the market.
- Professional USA High-Quality Ceramic White Barrel Bit Nail Drill
- Ceramic material has excellent heat dissipation, so the bits won't be burning hot during long-time using.
- Suitable for manicure and pedicure use etc.
- Available Grit:
- Fine
- Medium

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