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Chisel Powder OM67B - Ombre Metallic 2 oz

Chisel Powder OM67B - Ombre Metallic 2 oz

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Chisel Dipping Powder System is the professional's top choice for nail art, which allows you to create simple to complex ombre nail art design.

Product Features

- Match and pair different colours together to create a beautiful ombre look on nails.
- Unlimited possibilities for your imagination to go wild by combining the colours of your choices.
- Nail artists create bright and colourful stamped nail designs.
- Use with Chisel Nail Art 3D Stamps to cut special shapes and unique designs into uncured dipping powder.

Chisel Nail Art Colors/Types

- [Chisel Dip Powder Solid](/brands/chisel/chisel-dip-powder-solid/)
- [Chisel Dip Powder](/brands/chisel/chisel-dip-powder/) Standard
- [Chisel Dip Powder Ombre](/brands/chisel/chisel-dip-powder-ombre/)
- [Chisel Dip Powder Metallic](/brands/chisel/chisel-dip-powder-metallic/)
- [Chisel Dip Powder Glow](/brands/chisel/chisel-dip-powder-glow/)
- [Chisel Dip Powder Glitter](/brands/chisel/chisel-dip-powder-glitter/)
- [Chisel Dip Powder Candy](/brands/chisel/chisel-dip-powder-candy/)
- [Chisel Liquid](/brands/chisel/chisel-dip-powder-candy/)

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