Clarion Nail Artistry Foil Remover Wrap - 200ct/Box NW202

Clarion Nail Artistry Foil Remover Wrap - 200ct/Box NW202

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Clarion Nail Artistry Foil Remover Wrap - 200ct

Each box contains 200 pre-cut sheet of aluminum foil with built-in cotton pad. Foil size is 9cm x 7.5cm, factory-folded to 9cm x 6.5cm. Cotton pad measures 2cm x 3cm.

Product Features

- Integrated Cotton Pad: Each wrap has a built-in cotton pad for absorbing and keeping acetone just around the nail.
- Professional & Easy: Pre-cut foil sheet helps to save time and to make easy wrapping. The foil stays in place and clients are free to move around during the removal process.
- Fast, Safe & Gentle Removal: Aluminum retains body heat for accelerating faster removal. The wrap makes the task clean, less odour and skin exposure.


- Saturate the cotton pad on the foil wrap with nail solvent such as acetone, polish remover, or gel polish remover.
- Position the nail plate on cotton pad, and carefully wrap the foil around the finger or toe. Secure the aluminum foil as tightly as possible to lessen the solvent evaporation.
- Wrap one finger or toe at a time.
- Leave the wrap at least 10 to 20 minutes to allow the solvent to penetrate and loosen the gel or acrylic.
- Remove the wrap from each finger. Loosen and clean the lifted gel or acrylic with the selected tools.

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