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Cre8tion A34 Signature Designer Gel 7.5 g 0916-0812

Cre8tion A34 Signature Designer Gel 7.5 g 0916-0812

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Cre8tion A34 Signature Designer Gel 7.5 g 0916-0812

For those looking to create the best and most eye-catching nail art at home or at work, Cre8tion introduces it's top of the line Signature Designer Gel Color Collection. Cre8tion Signature Designer Gel is their highest pigment gel purposed for fine nail art details that demand complete opacity. A total of 37 different shades and colors are present in Cre8tion's Signature Designer Gel Color Collection so there is a huge variety of different colors to choose and a shade fit for everyone. Best for artists that are ready to create museum worthy nail art with colors that pop out and catch the eye. Comes ina a standard 7.5g gel container.


- Cre8tion's New Signature Desginer Color Collection
- 37 different colors and shades to choose from
- Top quality, specially formulated gel
- Perfect for fine art details
- Highest pigment gel offered from Cre8tion
- 7.5g storage containers


Avoid skin contact. Consult a physician if accidental ingestion or allergic reaction occurs. For professional use, use as instructed.

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