Cre8tion Duo Magnet For Cat Eye 0916-1014

Cre8tion Duo Magnet For Cat Eye 0916-1014

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Cre8tion Duo Magnet For Cat Eye

Cat nail polish gel method of operation:
special reminder:
You must have a diskette (cat tool), or grain bar magnets.
1. A surface with nail polish sponge setback, we must all hit oh. Do not fight, then because the nail surface grease, it will come off easily.
2. removable bottom glue, lights bake about two minutes.
3. Brushing cat gum, coated finish must remember to brush the front edge of the nail wrap. An important point, remove the plastic cat special floppy disk, with a floppy disk by about two millimeters from the nails, so horde two seconds, will be out of a very beautiful cat's eye line, when the lights have to be baked immediately, if not immediately, then grilled , cat's eye line will slowly disappear, oh. Bake about two minutes more, it can be removed. If you do not suck suck a good, then suck, then must use a plastic brush and then swipe A face, then suck will have the effect oh. If the diskette upright suction line is vertical, oh, that is sideways horizontal line is drawn out if the diagonal oblique effect oh.
4. Then brush seal layer, if it is removable disposable seal coat directly dried can be, if the seal layer is scrubbing brush good, grilled after the lights, you must use the quick-drying surface layer of water stick must be used a bit of rubbing back and forth like Cabo, as will more shining bright Oh. Cawan surface will be smooth as a mirror-like shine. The entire pair of cat eye gel is done. (Brushing seal layer should also look at the package side edge of the nail so that the nails more resistant, not easy to fall off.)

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