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Cuccio Nail File Refill Paper 240 Grit White 50 PK

Cuccio Nail File Refill Paper 240 Grit White 50 PK

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Cuccio Nail File Refill Paper - 240 Grit 50 Pack - White #3358

For Cuccio Stainless Steel Nail File - the FIRST professional stainless steel nail file with full-size disposable abrasive paper.
Client safety is a top priority in today’s salon environment.

By applying new disposable abrasive paper on to the file base in front of your client will help give them the security they are looking for.

Cuccio Naturalé Abrasive Paper is made from high-quality material and offered to you at a cost effective price.

The stainless steel file base can be sanitized or placed in an autoclave for complete sterilization.

About Nail Files

A nail file is a nail tool that is used to grind down nails to give them a more beautiful shape. These are often used during pedicure and manicure, however, are considered very helpful for quick fixes of cracks, broken or rough nails.

When to use each grit?

Nail files are graded according to the grit per square inch. For instance, 80 grit will have 80 pieces of sand in a square inch. A wrong choice of grit could damage your clients’ nails. Using the correct grit for every situation is crucial for your nail protection.

- 80 grit: Extra Coarse-This grit level is helpful for removing gel overlays or for shortening artificial nails. It is not recommended to use it for natural nails.
- 100 grit: A bit coarse but still can be used for shaping the sidewall of artificial nails or for shaping hard toenails.
- 150 grit: If you want to blend your nail tips, then 150 grit is a great option. You can use it for over-the-top filling.
- 180 grit: This one is the medium file, and it’s used in the nail plate preparation. You can use it to give a beautiful shape and nice, smooth finishing to artificial nails. However, if your nails are hard, then don’t use it for natural nails.
- 240 grit: It is the softest and finer grit. You can use it to shape your hard natural nails. You can use it in the nail plate presentation before the enhancement product.
- 4000 grit: This grit is the smoothest one and is used to remove ridges and make the nail surface smooth. These are the finest files and consider as finishing files.

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