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Entity Polygel 2 fl oz/60g - Intense Pink - 5103004

Entity Polygel 2 fl oz/60g - Intense Pink - 5103004

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Entity Polygel 2 fl oz/60g - Intense Pink - 5103004
Classic White PolyGel has a soft (soft) white color. This PolyGel is wonderful for a beautiful French Manicure nail or a Babyboom nail. There is no less than 60 grams in a tube that you can use to make 30 to 50 sets. After a good preparation of the natural nail you apply the PolyGel by squeezing the tube, cutting the right amount with the spatula. You apply the product to the nail plate with a rolling motion. Make the brush a little damp in the Move liquid shaper and spread the product on the nail. If you are completely satisfied, you can harden the product in 30 seconds in the LED light or 2 to 3 minutes in a UV light. After curing, remove the Inhibition Layer with Natural Nail Prep and file the product with a 180 grit Refiner in model. Finishing is done by applying Entity UV / LED gel and hardening. You can go to 10 for Nails for a free Try Out Now introduction. Of course we also offer an in-service training where you learn everything about this great product.

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