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Entity1 LED-UV-GEL Pink 50g/1.75 oz 101733

Entity1 LED-UV-GEL Pink 50g/1.75 oz 101733

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Entity1 LED-UV-GEL Pink 50g/1.75 oz 101733

This new LED/UV gel formula can help you speed up your gel nail services. You can still use your UV lamp with this gel but your gel curling speed will speed up much faster if used under a LED Lamp.

Product Features

- Each of our Entity One gel colour is available for individual purchase.
- Entity One Gel can be cured using a LED light or a 36-watt UV lamp.
- Seal and protect with our high gloss Entity One LED-UV Gel Top Coat.

Colour Features

- Pink - Designed to enhance any skin tone, our pink gel is the perfect shade and perfectly versatile.
- Clear - Our clear gel provides glass-like gloss that is shiny, brilliant and bubble-free.
- White - Our brightest white gel is specially formulated for use as a builder or a brush-on. Used as a builder its unique opacity and durability allow it to be sculpted super thin. Or use as a brush-on for a speedy pink and white.
- Nudité Pink - Neither cool nor warm, this is the ideal neutral opaque pink. Our Gel continues the tradition of our award-winning Nudité powders by perfectly hiding imperfections and extending the appearance of the natural nail plate, for a flawless look.

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