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Epillyss Azulene Post-Depilatory Oil 17.5 oz ELPO1141/30020

Epillyss Azulene Post-Depilatory Oil 17.5 oz ELPO1141/30020

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Epillyss Azulene Post Depilatory Oil 17.5fl oz ELPO1141

The Azulen Post-depilatory Oil was formulated to clean with softness; it calms and soothes the epidermis in addition to being an anti-inflammatory. Resulting from a refined, light and permeating oil, this product soothes the irritated and sensitized skin after a depilation process while ridding the skin from all wax residues. Mixed with to the Vitamin C Milk and the Collagen Milk, it will serve to stimulate their hydrating properties by increasing their cutaneous permeation powers. Furthermore, this oil is very popular among the message therapists, for various types of body massage, in addition to being useful to massage the back and other parts of the body, immediately after depilation.

Can be mixed with post-depilatory milks for greater fluidity and maximum hydration powers. Can be added to Aloe post-depilatory gel for calming and moisturizing effects. It enables the holding of a massage on parts that have just been depilated.

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