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Epillyss Chocolate Lukewarm Wax St./Gel Tuxture 20oz ELB1013

Epillyss Chocolate Lukewarm Wax St./Gel Tuxture 20oz ELB1013

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Epillyss Chocolate Depilatory Gel Wax 20 fl oz ELB1013

An ultra?silky hair removal gel This hair removal gel is formulated with Bioresin C3 which constricts blood vessels, thus reducing discomfort, redness and irritation. The antioxidant effects of cocoa—due to its high concentration of vitamin E—are well known. Our CHOCOLAT hair removal gel encourages the regeneration of skin and prevents dehydration, while rendering it supple, soft and toned. It has an appealing, comforting fragrance. CHOCOLATE hair removal gel has a creamy texture the color of chocolate milk. It can cover a larger surface than most waxes and is often used for more sensitive areas of the body. Caution: This wax cannot be heated in the microwave.

- Bioresin gives vasodilating and protective effects
- Reduces feeling of pain, redness and soreness
- Cocoa’s Vitamin E is most beneficial
- Its chocolate aroma is soothing and comforting!
- Covers larger areas than most waxes
- Ultra low melting point
- Ideal for very sensitive areas
- Skin will be less irritated and not sticky after hair removal
- Superior traction on hair even very short ones
- 15%-30% faster waxing sessions!

Melting temperature: 32°C - 90°F
Hair type: All, Thin-Medium, Face and sensitives areas
Skin type: All, Highly Sensitive, Hypoallergic

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