Essie Silk Watercolor No Shrinking Violet 0.46 oz/13ml

Essie Silk Watercolor No Shrinking Violet 0.46 oz/13ml

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Essie Silk Watercolour No Shrinking Violet 0.46 oz/13ml #929

Essie Silk Watercolour Collection Summer 2015

"You bring the creativity... I'll bring my Silk Watercolour to take nails from blank canvases to mini-masterpieces!" - Essie

Delicate effects. Vivid hues. Sheer beauty. Essie is thrilled to announce the launch of the Silk Watercolour collection. As the fashion industry’s go-to nail colour authority, these exquisite sheers embody Essie’s passion for artistry, trend and boundary-pushing creativity.
This collection of layerable, buildable colours is a chic departure from traditional creams, adding soft dimension to every professional’s palette. Add an artistic touch to nail designs in the spirit of Cézanne and Van Gogh, with a whole new level of virtuosity.
Translucent, blendable colour makes watercolour effects a breeze; overlapping shades create a range of tonality and depth. With a nod to fine, hand-painted silks and chiffons floating down the runways, this unprecedented collection of nine shades unlock the creative genius in every nail artist.
Collection exclusively for professionals!
Get more than a brush stroke of inspiration with silk watercolour! You'll start with a white canvas (two coats), and layer on the bold creativity with each of the sheer-as-silk shades.

muse, myself - seductive citrus
art new-beau - orange flame
blush stroke - daring scarlet
love sheen - amorous rose
highest bidder - lavish deep crimson
no shrinking violet - fiece ultra violet
point of blue - visionary blue iris
pen & inky - graphic teal
white page - vivid bright white

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