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Gelish Art Form Gel 2D 5g - 0.17 oz, Pastel Yellow 1119006

Gelish Art Form Gel 2D 5g - 0.17 oz, Pastel Yellow 1119006

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Gelish Art Form Gel 2D Pastel Yellow 1119006

Effortlessly defined nail art is just a stroke away!

Total artistic control. Bring definition to your artistry! Let nothing stand between you and your work of art. These 24 Art Form Gels are the perfect opacity pigment-intense shades. Ideal for putting fast artistic finishes on full-colour coverage Gelish® Soak-Off Polish and Gelish® PolyGel® Nail Enhancements!

With Art Form’s one stroke nail art formula it’s easy to create defined art, with perfect opacity, as the finishing touch to any Gelish® Soak-Off Gel Polish or PolyGEL® application. 2-D Technology gives you total artistic control by allowing you to define and design your nail art with ease. No wrinkling, no marbling, and no inhibition layer mean Art Form can effortlessly take your works of art to the next level. Bring definition to your artistry with Gelish Art Form Gel with 2-D Technology.

Art Form Gel Features

- Gelish’s Art Form 2-D Technology makes it easy to create defined art with perfect opacity.
- The gel has no wrinkling, no marbling, and no inhibition layer.
- It’s potted in no-tip packaging that is easy to grip, ensuring no frustrating spills or product waste.
- The jar also includes a custom brush wiper insert that helps control product pick up for the most precise application.
- Launching with 24 pigment-intense shades ranging from primary to pastel and neon to glitter.
- Art Form gels are completely opaque and perfect for everything from line work to background shading.
- The Art Form colors can be blended together to create custom shades.

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