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Gelish Dip Powder 23g/0.8 oz - Postcards From Paris 1610175

Gelish Dip Powder 23g/0.8 oz - Postcards From Paris 1610175

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Gelish Dip Powder provides stunning manicure on natural nails or tips in a few simple steps. Use dipping to achieve the most vivid colour payoff and foolproof pink & whites. Easier and faster to apply than traditional acrylic with strength and support for chip-free 14 days wear and UV lamp is not necessary. Contrary to the regular acrylic system, Gelish Dip reduces steps and tools to achieve amazing and strong application in a simpler way plus your clients get 14-day nail wear. Gelish Dip powder is available in more than 120 colours that match the best Gelish and Morgan Taylor shades. Gelish Dip Powders Colours include crèmes glitters, shimmers, metallics and French shades. So no matter what your style or personal colour palette, you’re covered. Gelish Dipping Powder is perfectly milled for precise colour clarity and complete absorption. The system will air dry to a strong and high gloss application.

Gelish Powder Features

- Strong & durable
- Water and chip resistant
- Non-toxic healthier nail bed; no harmful primer
- Quick application and easily soaks off
- No UV/LED light required to cure, it's quick air dried
- Long lasting colour and shine

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