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Gelixir Soak Off Gel All In One Set - GX119

Gelixir Soak Off Gel All In One Set - GX119

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Gelixir Soak Off Gel All In One Set GX119

Gelixir's Soak-off is one of the top gel polish that is cured with a UV light. Gelixir offers over 100+ colours that last two to three weeks of chip-free wear and glossy shine.

Product Features

- For Salon & Professional Use
- Dries/cures in minutes using UV/LED light
- Durable wear, around 24 days lasting time
- Duo set 2 bottles Matching Color Gel & Nail Lacquer
- Easy to polish and soak off fast
- 100% Authentic Material causes no damage to real nails
- No shrinking or bleeding around the cuticles
- Gelixir is made in the USA


- Apply 2 thin coats of Gelixir colour over the entire nail, and cap the free edge.
- Gelixir must be applied over the base coat.
- Cure each coat under UV light for 2 minutes and LED light for 30 seconds.
- soak-off gel Removal Process can't be any easier using acetone.
- The White bottle is a gel polish and needs a UV light to dry.
- The clear bottle showing polish colour is regular lacquer.

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