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GROGANICS Gro-Thick Hair Fattening Shampoo (8.5oz)

GROGANICS Gro-Thick Hair Fattening Shampoo (8.5oz)

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Gro-Thick Hair Fattening Shampoo


- Groganics Hair Fattening Shampoo with rich phytonutrients is a sulfate-free moisturizing conditioning formulation that cleanses hair to prepare for thicker-looking strands.
- It helps remove impurities from hair and scalp, for fat, healthy, thicker-looking hair.


- For a healthy, clean foundation for hair health, wet hair thoroughly.
- Apply a generous amount of Gro-Thick Hair Fattening Shampoo.
- Massage into scalp and work into a lather.
- Rinse thoroughly.
- Repeat application as needed.
- Towel blot removing excess water and follow with Groganics Feather Light Volumizing Conditioner.

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