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GS Professional's Choice Sterilizing Pouch 5.25"x11" 442102

GS Professional's Choice Sterilizing Pouch 5.25"x11" 442102

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GS Professional's Choice Sterilizing Pouch 5.25"x11" 442102

GS Medical's self-sealing Sterilization pouches provide a self-contained method of sterile packaging for instruments without the use of heat sealing equipment. These steam sterilization pouches are ideal for table-top sterilizers are used-- such as in operating rooms, surgery centers, as well as medical and dental offices.

With three separate heat-sealed rails, edges are secure from separation or tearing by medical instruments. Made with medical grade paper that is wet strength treated to meet or exceed medical pouch standards. With a wide self-seal adhesive strip, these sterilization pouches are easily and securely sealed. This provides a very reliable seal until pouch is opened. The perforated fold helps to facilitate easy and accurate folding of the adhesive strip to form an airtight seal until the sterilization pouch is opened.

Dental Offices, Surgery Centers, Hospitals and more use these types of supplies to store surgical instruments during sterilization process in autoclaves. Also they are used for storing medical gauze in a sterile condition after the sterilization has taken place.

These pouches have edges which are to be sealed to one another by utilizing an adhesive strip. By having a removable liner over the adhesive strip, sealing the pouch prior to sterilization is effortless. Sterilization pouches are essential to Hospitals and medical offices everywhere

Quantity: 200/box

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