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Holbein Acrylic Ink Viridian Hue AI652B

Holbein Acrylic Ink Viridian Hue AI652B

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Holbein Acrylic Ink Viridian Hue AI652B

Liquid Acrylic Ink for Airbrush, Nail Art and Coloring.

Holbein will introduce their new 50 colours, Artist Acrylic Ink Line at Art Materials. Easy-to-use colour series with high light fastness and finest pigments. Very good adhesion because the water does not dissolve after drying and the paint dries waterproof. Intensive color development in the liquid state.HAI can be used directly for bold, brilliant colour when used with a brush, airbrush, dip pen, technical pen and refillable marker. Holbein has newly developed refillable Markers to further support the tools available for use with their new Acrylic Ink line. Easy to use, fill and refill, Holbein empty markers offer four sizes allowing for fine line detail to wide applications. Holbein refillable marker nibs are durable and long lasting.

Even when used with a marker container, an airbrush, a pen or a brush, it can be used as it is without diluting with water. The coloration by the pigment of choice is beautiful, it is excellent in light resistance, and it becomes a water-resistant coating film after drying. It has the same high pigment concentration as [Heavy body] and [Fluid] of the Holbein Acrylic series and adopts the same colour composition. These can be used in combination, and a variety of expressions can be made together with various media. Acrylic [Ink] has 48 colours and a colourless (drawing medium) lineup.

Product Features

- Highly concentrated acrylic ink with a high pigment concentration
- Use directly from the bottle
- possible water-dilutable or with paint medium Colorless
- A total of 48 colours + one colourless drawing medium.
- High colour saturation and high fluidity, so you don't have to worry about the colour saturation after the pigment is diluted.
- Excellent light resistance.
- It can be dripped directly or combined with an airbrush, fountain pen, brush, acrylic microphone and other tools.
- It can be mixed with good guest acrylic pigment, good guest acrylic pigment and good guest acrylic adjuvant.
- Suitable for painting, illustration, inkjet, manga, craft colouring, model colouring, nail painting and artistic writing.

How To Use

- Be careful to spray the paint when the cap is opened or closed.
- Shake evenly before use. If it is not possible to shake it, please stir it before use.
- When used on other primers and adjuvants, the undercoat layer has the possibility of being dissolved.
- When used on fabrics or fabrics, there is a risk of colour loss after washing.
- Please read the warning signs on the package carefully before use.
- Please avoid touching the brush with your mouth. Do not eat or smoke while painting.
- Please avoid touching the eyes, mouth and skin. Wash hands, nails and watercolours carefully after painting.
- When using a spray or spray can, carry a mask and keep the environment ventilated.
- Close the lid when using it and avoid contact with children.
- In case of accidental ingestion or contact with eyes, seek medical attention immediately.

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