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Hollywood Whitening Lotion for Knees,Elbows,Body 5.3oz 50272

Hollywood Whitening Lotion for Knees,Elbows,Body 5.3oz 50272

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Hollywood Whitening Lotion for Knees, Elbows, Body 5.3oz 50272

Whitening Peel Off Mask is an extra strength formula made with mulberries (well known for skin brightening properties), licorice (great for bleaching dark spots), an arbutin (long used for skin discoloration problems). This potent formula helps dissolve dead cells and absorbs debris and impurities, uncovering newer, healthier-looking skin. With regular use complexion will be whiter, brighter and fairer.

Product Features

- Absorbs & removes impurities from the skin
- Dissolves dead skin cells
- Amazing results - skin looks brighter and healthier after only a few uses
- Natural whitening with Livorice & Bearberry extracts
- Mulberries are the most effective skin brighteners and are safe and all natural

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