IBD JGP Magnetic LED/UV Pure Gel .5oz-Striking Skyline 66599

IBD JGP Magnetic LED/UV Pure Gel .5oz-Striking Skyline 66599

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IBD Just Gel Polish Magnetic LED/UV Pure Gel 0.5oz - Striking Skyline 66599

ibd Aurora Nights Magnetic Gel Polish Collection

This specially formulated gel contains 20% more pigment than competitors' gel, for a more defined Aurora Nights-inspired look. This one of a kind, highly pigmented shades come paired with a paddle shaped magnet to allow for endless designs to be created, by simply waiving the magnet over the gel.

ibd Aurora Nights is a dazzling, adventurous collection of marbleized shades inspired by the shimmering lights of the Aurora Borealis. Coax a “cat eye” line from the deep, rich colours of this magnetic gel polish using the enclosed magnetic stick. Available in 6 alluring shades.

Aurora Nights features six new celestial shades in the iconic Just Gel Polish formula:

- Fire and Iceland
- Northern Nightcap
- Electro-Violet
- Midnight Blues
- Striking Skyline
- Polar-izing

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