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Ikonna Toe Separator ( 6 Colors,120 pairs ,TS-M6SD)

Ikonna Toe Separator ( 6 Colors,120 pairs ,TS-M6SD)

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Ikonna two-tone toe Separator (6 Colours,120 pairs, TS-M6SD)

These disposable soft toe separators are used to improve and complement the pedicure experience of your customers. Each pair is individually packed for hygiene purposes and come 720 pairs per case in an assortment of 6 two-tone colors: yellow-white, blue-white, purple-white, green-white, pink-white and orange-white. Our toe separators are very gentle, relaxing, effortless to fit and are made from a high-density foam. These disposable soft pedicure toe separators are commonly used to widen the space between toes for nail polish applications and to separate the toes for newly polished nails to dry intact. Also, they can be excellent therapy for your This is the best quality at the lowest wholesale and bulk value on our professional pedicure toe separators. Disposable foam pedicure thong slippers are available for wholesale and bulk quantities as well.

Product Features

- The assortment of 6 Two-Tone Colors: Yellow-White, Blue-White, Purple-White, Green-White, Pink-White and Orange-White
- (1) The case of 120 pairs
- Gentle, relaxing and effortless to fit
- Made from high-density foam
- Individually pack for hygiene purposes
- Inexpensive and disposable
- Wonderful to separate the toes for newly polished nails to dry intact
- Excellent therapy for your feet

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