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Lamour Falcon Pointy Tip Box 100 tips French

Lamour Falcon Pointy Tip Box 100 tips French

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Lamour Falcon Pointy Tip Box 100 tips French

For the glamour look from designing to manufacturing, our professional tips are designed to conform nicely to all nail bed shapes. Tips are made with pure ABS plastic to ensure the highest quality and colour nail tips available. French curve, thin, easy apply with half-moon nail bed. Flexible, extremely durable, and easily attached to nails.

Product Features

- High-Quality Material: Nail Tips are made with high-quality ABS material, which is thick and sturdy enough to last about 2-3 week. Made of material without toxic and will not harm your nails or body.
- Varied Size: French nails offer 10 different sizes with 10 nails of each size that fit most fingers, which is individually numbered 0-9, so they're easy to keep track of, and convenient to choose the suitable size that fits your every finger.
- Nail Tips Design: These strong fake nails are designed with French colour and sharp-ending shape with moderate length and thickness, like the claws. You can wear them long or clip them short. Easy to shape, file, paint, and apply with glue and nail polish decorations, making your nails slim.
- Practical Application- The half cover false nails are perfect for nail art professionals or nail art lovers, as well as great for various occasions, such as prom, wedding and dating. They offer a wonderful opportunity for you to flaunt your best nail art designs on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day.

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