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Magic Gel System Easy Shape Nail Forms 36770

Magic Gel System Easy Shape Nail Forms 36770

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Easy Shape Nail Forms By Magic Gel System

Transform your sculpting with EasyShape nail forms. The forms are printed on aluminum paper giving you the excellent rigidity of the forms to ensure a perfect C-curve.

Detailed guides with PreciseSculpt Technology make sure your shapes are always sharp and require least filing and shaping. 300pcs per roll

Product Features

- Minimize Filing: reduce your filing with enhanced guidelines that can be used for many nail shapes, including oval, almond, square, stiletto and more!
- Perfect C-Curves: aluminum paper with perforations provides you the perfect rigidity to ensure your C-curves are constantly precise and well-formed.
- Always Perfect Fit: preprinted cutouts let you customize forms fast and easy. Whether it is a flat curved line or extended hyponychium, your forms will always fit flawlessly.

How To Use

Learn how Easy Shape Nail Forms can reduce your filing, let you create nails of any shape and much more!

More info available at [Magic Gel Forms](

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