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MBI-965 Sterilizing Bowl (Size) 7"x3"

MBI-965 Sterilizing Bowl (Size) 7"x3"

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MBI-965 Sterilizing Bowl (Size) 7"x3"

MBI-Master Beauty Instruments is one of the most trusted brands in nails and beauty industry. Most outstanding precision-crafted with stainless steel, MBI instruments are made by finest, hot forged special surgical grade stainless steel. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl is manufactured employing the optimum quality raw material and advanced techniques. This product is known in the market for their low maintenance, precise sizes and low prices.


- Easy maintenance
- Precise size
- Easy to use


Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. MBI is very proud of its products and confident that all instruments are manufactured with the utmost precision, high standards & quality. All of the cobalt & stainless steel instruments are a surgical grade, therefore, they can be chemically sterilized and are autoclave able without fear of damage. MBI stands behind every instrument produced and distributed.

How to Care

Must lubricate after sterilization and always keep a distance from each other. After removing from sterilization solution make sure rinse as much you can and remove every single drop of chemical especially from joints & screw to avoid corrosion which helps products to be intact from damage. Try your best not to drop any instrument. For more information please read our Sterilizing – Cleaning and Care instructions.

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