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Nubar Nail Art Pen Mint NAP148

Nubar Nail Art Pen Mint NAP148

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Nubar 2-Way Nail Art Pen & Striper

A unique product for the nail industry and individuals. Anyone with a little imagination can draw or create their own images and designs.

Directions: Always shake the bottle several times gently before each use. Art Pen (Top) - Pull off the cover cap, hold the bottle slightly upside down and lightly squeeze until the color starts to show at tip. Apply to nails and create! Art Brush (Bottom) - Twist the top off and use as normal design brush. Great for making thin lines across the nail.

Caution: Be sure to wipe the tip off the Art Pen and close the cap after each use. If the tip gets blocked or dried out, use and nail polish remover on a cotton pad to whip the tip clean and clear the tip with the enclosed pin.

- One of 56 Nubar 2-Way Nail Art Pen colors.
- A unique way to do creative design work on manicure/pedicure.
- The top part can be used as a art pen with a pointy tip.
- The bottom part can be used as a long brush, great for thin strokes.

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