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OPI Expert Touch Removal Wraps 20 Count Pack AC830

OPI Expert Touch Removal Wraps 20 Count Pack AC830

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OPI Expert Touch Removal Wraps (20-Count Pack) - #AC830

OPI expert touch remover wraps are economical and easy to use. These ingenious remover foils with attached absorbent pad in a convenient roll and dispenser are ideal for removing all OPI soakable gels, acrylics, wraps, glitter nail lacquer and nail art. Whether you are wanting to effectively remove all traces of a manicure, or clean your nails for a manicure or pedicure, these super-absorbent wipes are highly effective, completely sanitary and superior to cotton.


- Saturate Expert Touch Removal Wrap pad with Expert Touch Lacquer Remover.
- Place pad over enhancement and wrap finger. Cover hands with Expert Touch Salon Mitts and terry towels.
- Leave wrap on finger for 10 minutes.
- Using a twisting motion, pull wrap from the nail, gently slide off any remaining product with an orange wood stick.

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