Orofluido Permanent Colour 8, 50ml/1.6 oz Light Blonde 04358

Orofluido Permanent Colour 8, 50ml/1.6 oz Light Blonde 04358

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Orofluido Colour Elixir Permanent Colour - 8 Light Blonde - 50ml/1.6oz

Formula enriched with the three natural Orofluido oils for exceptional hair colour results. Its unmistakable fragrance provides an unrivalled sensory experience. 50ml tube in many shades.

The powerful action of Argan, Cyperus and Linseed Oils gives rise to the secret of the new Orofluido Colour Elixir.
The oils combine with a precise blend of pigments to deliver perfect permanent colour results with the delicious fragrance of Orofluido, in an ammonia-free formula.
Orofluido Colour Elixir is a pleasantly scented permanent hair colour that not only provides complete cover for grey hair but also respects the hair and adds exceptional shine. Maximum results, maximum hair care.

A warm, sensual fragrance.
A fragrance that makes you feel cared for and sophisticated. It opens with a citrusy note that combines perfectly with the soft floral body, leaving behind a trace of vanilla, amber and precious woods: pure exoticism and mystery.
The complete absence of an ammonia odour makes Orofluido hair colour the perfect olfactory experience.

Orofluido Colour Elixir includes an exquisite blend of oils that coat the hair fibre and form an impermeable film that facilitates the diffusion of pigments to interior of the fibre. The boosting action of this blend of oils allows the use of a gentle, low-odour alkaline agent that is respectful with the hair cuticle.
Because of their affinity with the hair's natural keratin, the Argan, Cyperus and Linseed oils act as nutrients, ensuring that the hair looks shiny, silky and cared for, colouring after colouring.

Two unique and innovative formulas that combine to provide the perfect hair colour:
Ammonia-Free Permanent Colour + Cream Oil Developer = 100% coverage lightening power by up to three tones; uniform, bright colour, and long-lasting, incredible shine.

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