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Pride Carbide LG-2X-3/32 Safety Bit

Pride Carbide LG-2X-3/32 Safety Bit

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Pride Carbide LG-2X-3/32 Safety Bit #LG2X32S

Nail art drill bits tungsten carbide steel polish electric machine smooth file

Operating Speed Recommendations:

- Lower RPM speeds for harder materials
- Higher RPM when using small burs
- Lower RPM speeds when using long series burs

Additional Information:

Running burs below recommended RPM may cause chipping.
Do not use worn-out tools and collets. Running burs at faster than recommended speeds will cause
teeth to wear prematurely. Make sure to apply constant pressure and steady action.


A general guide to speeds is given in the table above. However, the final selection of cutting
speed for a particular operation can only be made by the end user taking all factors into account and
by preliminary trial.

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