Silkline Pointed Tweezer TSE2018NC

Silkline Pointed Tweezer TSE2018NC

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Silkline™ Professional Pointed Tip Tweezers TSE2018NC

Pointed Tip Silkline Tweezers helps to pluck the thinnest or shortest hair, they are also ideal for tweezing ingrown hairs or removing splinters. Pointed tip tweezers are also used for nail art, to help catch and arrange small rhinestones or decals.

Product Features

- Pointed tip for ingrown hair, new growth, splinters, and blackheads
- Smooth action
- Well balanced with easy-grip handle
- Package designed to hang on displays

Professional implement

- All parts are made of STAINLESS STEEL
- Sterilizable by the most stringent methods
- All cutting edges and points are polished and extremely sharp
- Smooth action at all joints and springs
- Well balanced with easy-grip handles
- Package designed to hang on displays

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