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Swarovski Create YS CrystalPixie 5g - Comic Pop 42761

Swarovski Create YS CrystalPixie 5g - Comic Pop 42761

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Swarovski Create Your Style CrystalPixie 5g - Comic Pop 76198

Be it for an everyday occasion or a special event – try out CRYSTALPIXIE which brings unmatched Swarovski brilliance to your hands. CRYSTALPIXIE is made with a mixture of round and cut Swarovski Crystal in smallest sizes (~1,5 mm).

Give your fingertips the ultimate bubble bath with a brand new addition to Swarovski’s famous nail art family. Crystalpixie Bubble will get everyone’s eyes a-popping with its glossy 3D bubbly effect. Create your Future Fantasy with blasts of neon and iridescent silver. Be a Street Star with a galactic-blue mix of 80s skater chic and festival fashion. Get some City Chic from elegant urban-contemporary shades of silver-gray. Lose yourself in a Midnight Dream, a deep golden expression of flamenco’s flamboyant sensuality. Steal an Urban Kiss, a modern rose-gold twist on the ever-flattering pink. Or take a chance on Feeling Wild, a mix of bohemian gold and indigo in a revival of the American prairie trend. All of them will totally transform the appearance of your chosen base lacquer.

One bottle with 10 grams of Pixie lasts for more than 25 single nail decorations!

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