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TechMed Nitrile Finger Cot 144 Pcs, Large - 4404L

TechMed Nitrile Finger Cot 144 Pcs, Large - 4404L

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TechMed Nitrile Finger Cot 144 Pcs, Large - 4404L

Tech Med - Nitrile Finger Cots are used to cover open wounds and bandages on fingers and fingertips. Each finger cot unrolls over affected finger and gently stays in place. They are great for protecting fingers from contamination, medication applications, insert suppositories and other uses where proper hygiene is required. Finger cots can be applied, removed and a new one applied several times daily as needed. They are powder free, latex-free and they are soft to the touch. Disoposable finger cots, intended for one time use only.

These finger cots are extremely thin but very tough. Finger cots can help prevent infection, the spread of germs and are very useful for keeping bandages on injured fingers. Finger cots can be used to protect bandaged fingers from moisture and dirt and are intended to be worn for a short period of time.

How do you apply finger cots? Place the finger to be covered in the middle of the cot with the roll facing out. Unroll by pushing down to the end of the finger. It should fit closely to the base of the finger. To remove, reverse the process by rolling cot up the finger. Keep finger away from the contaminated side.

Tech Med - Nitrile Finger Cots Features:

- Latex Free
- Pre-rolled natural white
- Powder free
- Anti-Static
- Minimum of .08mm thickness
- For medical exam use
- 144/Box

Availible in Small, Medium, Large, & X-Large

Size Length Width Thickness
Small 2 " 24mm +/- 2mm .08mm +/-.03
Medium 2 1/4" 28mm +/- 2mm .08mm +/- .03
Large 2 1/2" 30mm +/- 2mm .08mm +/- .03
X-Large 2 1/2" 34.5mm +/- 2mm .08mm +/- .03

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