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Transfer Foils Starry Sky Mixed Pattern 10 Rolls

Transfer Foils Starry Sky Mixed Pattern 10 Rolls

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The foil stickers into any shape, and create the unparalleled design nail art for your clients. Nail Art Foils create the perfect "mixed metals" finish for any polish colour. The foil sticker set is a combination of various patterns and allows you to design nails freely. Nail Foil can be applied as well as being removed easily with nail polish remover, will not cause hurt to nails.

Product Specification

- Quantity: 10 Rolls/Box
- Colour: As the picture shows

Product Feature

- Can be used for UV nails, acrylic or natural nails even you are a beginner of nail art.
- Nail Art Foils create an excellent metal-like surface for any polish colour.
- Such as birthday party, game date, girl going out at night, bachelor party, wedding, party, shopping, etc.
- The foil sticker will give a shinning effect and your nail will be more attractive.
- Nail Foil can be removed easily with nail polish remover.

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