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Tressa - Watercolors Conditioner - Brown

Tressa - Watercolors Conditioner - Brown

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Tressa - Watercolors Conditioner - Brown
Protects and boosts your hair color. Sulfate-free conditioners in 4 shades give haircolor an extra boost of tone, especially when used after a Watercolors Shampoo

• Adds tone and creates rich, luminous color
• Newest, state of the art, fade proofing
• Superb conditioning with no added weight
• Creates incredible shine and volume
• Reflective Color Enhancers (RCEs) combined with hair’s porosity allow Watercolors to keep haircolor vibrant and shiny
• The Clear Conditioner contains Rice Amino Acids and Sunflower Seed Extract to protect color molecules from free radicals and UV damage
• Grow incremental business by recommending Watercolors Shampoos and Conditioners to every client!

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