U-Tools Stone Bits Turbo - SD8

U-Tools Stone Bits Turbo - SD8

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U-Tools Stone Bits Turbo - SD8

D-8 - For coarse heels, for corns;

Pedicure stone bit D-8 recommended for starting to work with rough heels, between toes and removing the callus. Used removing calluses gradually, and offering a pain-free method of removal, which in turn, helps prevent issues like corns and bunions.

Upon completing of work with the client, all the bits used to perform the procedures with the client must be washed, cleaned, sterilized and dried;

- The bits should be rinsed under running water
- All bits must be sterilized.
- Color: black
- Shank diameter: 3/32
- Shape: Rounded Cylinder
- Grit: Super coarse

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