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Voila - 3C Intense - 12.23 Beige Iris Superblonde

Voila - 3C Intense - 12.23 Beige Iris Superblonde

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Voila - 3C Intense

It is the super lightening professional family of Voilà 3C Intense, that lightens more than 5 tones exalting blonde reflexes in a natural way, respecting the hair fiber.
The .11 series lightens natural hair up to 5 tones, while the .12 series lightens goes over 5 tones. Both the series can be mixed with Voilà Cream Peroxide in the proportion 1:3 (30 ml of superlight + 90 ml of peroxide).
The 12.0S color is a lightening booster suggested for thick & dark hair mixing it in equal parts with the remaining super lightening series .11 and .12

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